Welcome to Ichtum, Traveler!

A city of merriment, festivities, and the Verdant Bazaar! Here you’ll find everything you could possibly need. Cool, clean water and the crispest pears you could ask for. If you feel the need for a drink of something stronger than water, stop into one of our lovely oasis’ waterholes, eh?

Also, if it may interest you, we have the finest clothiers and haberdashers this side of the Blackstone Mesas. If you are in the looking for intimate companionship, well… That can be procured in the Red-Lantern District. And, there is so much more to discover! So, I shall not impede you too much longer…

However, Stranger, a word of warning for the wise. Be wary to stay within the law. If you are caught violating the peace of our beloved Atikah Ta D’ord, Shahbanu of the Scalding Sands, you will be brought swiftly before the Court of Righteous Choices. You will be given the choice of losing the offending appendage; no matter the offense. Or, if you so value your arms, legs, eyes, tongues, and possibly more delicate pieces or parts, you may be inclined to join the ranks of the Alderi.

The Shamebound serve out a sentence, bearing the mark and raiment of the Alderi, for a time, as public servants. After a prescribed period of time, you will be released from the raiment, to go about your lives. Each time a man commits a crime he is given this choice.

Now, bear witness to Her glory, the Verdant Jewel, but a fraction of Our Beloved Shahbanu’s grace and beauty, I assure you…

Welcome, Traveler, to Ichtum.